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میڈیا پروڈکشن، ہنرمندوں اور تقریبات کے تمام انتظامات اور وسائل کے ساتھ
---ہم شو بزنس میں آپ کی مدد کے لیے حاضر ہیں
ماڈل این ماڈل ایک مکمل میڈیا اور پرودکتشن کا ادارہ ہے جو میڈیا پروڈکشن،ہنرمندوں اور تقریبات کے انتظامات کرنے کا حامل ہے

Model N Model™

Model N Model™ has expertise in Production, talent & event management, film drama & TV C's, communication requirements and provides total media solutions to clients.The core of success for its young talent & complete production solution & event management - not only we engage best of the best service of talent, production, events but we also provide for the best & new service of talent, events, projects that we use in our communication solutions to give it a totally fresh and new look.

MNM is a nationwide complete media production house & talent employment & event management company helping clients find the service they need, every day. We've been active as a media production house, connecting media services of talent, events & production to business and helping new services of talent, event & production take their first steps with an media production house.

If you're interested in Model N Model (MNM), you can apply right here at the site. You'll also find a range of information on media designed to help you when choosing a media production house.

If you need to find a service of talent, event or production you'll find we are a responsive and capable media production house with a broad range of services of talents, events & productions available. As a media production house, we strongly believe in 'real services of talent, event & production' - we are proud to offer services of talent, event & production of all ages, sexes and body types.

We provide very intelligent, very entertaining creative concepts.We provide to create, produced & hosted several top TV concepts in Pakistan.

We create & sold our creative solutions to entire Pakistani media including drama, Commercials, film, fashion shows, corporate events, talent hunt, talent provider, studio solutions & complete production solution with one roof solutions.

Model N Model is based in the bustling city of world with bureaus / satellite offices / branches / offices / affiliates / partners / collaborators in the cities of Islamabad, Lahore, Dubai, Mumbai, Hongkong, & Los Angele.

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Model N Model (MNM) notifies all its valued talent, clients,  subscribers against replying to or acting upon any call or SMS received which claims to their past affiliation to us & now, show our self as a new company, but actually they are not belonging to any company.they just follow strategy as, do nothing show busy. Beware of any SMS which contains a media/showbiz work offer or any call that asks you to give the details of your self from any other no is fraud and will cause you a loss.

Remember, if you receive any such SMS or calls from any other no, SMS/Whatsapp us on +923333502468 from your phone immediately & inform us about them or E-mail on